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Public Fine Gold International Sdn. Bhd.


Public Gold is the brand name of Public Fine Gold International Sdn Bhd (“PFGI”). PFGI was set up with the intention to buy and sell physical Public Gold bar and coin at international market gold price. PFGI operates a fully integrated physical gold exchange centre that includes a physical trading system and a platform developed by own in house IT expert. It allows customers to receive live gold prices (24 hours a day) and to place buy-and-sell orders relating to physical gold trading procedures. The business can also be conducted with our bullion dealers via telephone.

Under the Public Gold Group, our main activities consist of:
  • Minting and refining.
  • Conducting a Gold Exchange Centre.
  • Gold trading operations.
  • Providing safe keeping facilities.
Our ability to provide an extensive range of capabilities also puts us in a unique position as the first Malaysian company able to:
  • Operate a private physical gold trading centre.
  • Provide a fully integrated minting facility under one roof.
Public Gold have been recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records to be the first Malaysian company to produce certified gold bullion bar locally. Minted in 999.9 to a thousand parts pure gold, Public Gold offers a stable store of value with potential for capital appreciation over time. And most importantly, this gold is tradable at the market.

To reinforce Public Gold’s high standards of gold purity they also engage an independent assaying facility to conduct testing and certification of all their gold products.

To further strengthen Public Gold’s position in the gold trading business, the group has obtained clearance letters from Bank Negara Malaysia and the Monetary Authority of Singapore allowing our company to mint and trade in gold especially gold bars and gold coins. Both of these are marketed under our very own trademarks; Public Gold, and Public Dinar.


Below is a list of Public Gold standard Gold Bars, Gold Coins, Dinar Coins and Silver Bars available today.

Gold Bars

Metal   Au  Au Au  Au  Au   Au
Weight (g)  10  20 50 100 250  500
Size (W x L, mm)  NA  16 x 25  24 x 37  35 x 54  34 x 70  50 x 80
Thickness (mm)  NA  3  3.5  3 5  6
Purity  999.9 999.9  999.9  999.9  999.9   999.9

Gold Coin
Metal  Au
Weight (g)  50
Diameter (mm)  38
Thickness (mm)  3
Purity  999.9

Gold Dinar Coins
Metal  Au Au  Au 
Weight (g)  4.25  21.25  42.50
Diameter (mm)  18  32  38
Thickness (mm)  0.72 1.50   2.18
Purity  916 916  916 

Silver Bars
Metal   Ag Ag Ag 
Weight   250 500 1000 
Size (W x L, mm)   - -  -
Thickness (mm)   - -
Purity   999 999 999 


Please refer to Public Jewellery Website for jewellery catalogue.

Weight  Base on each item  
Purity  916  

Transportation Cost

 Product Items  West Malaysia (RM) East Malaysia (RM) 
 Gold Bar 20g (999.9)  10  20
 Gold Bar 50g (999.9)  20  40
 Gold Bar 100g (999.9)  30  60
 Gold Bar 1000g (999.9)  100  200
 Gold Coin 50g (999.9)  20  40
 Silver Bar 500g (999)  30  60
 Silver Bar 1000g (999)  30  60
 Jewelry (916) 20  40 


Advantages of Public Gold:
  • Stock always available (own factory)
  • Possess physical metal, attached with qualified assayer certificates.
  • Lower price compare to other competitors
  • Lowest spread (5% to 6%)
  • Guaranteed buy back (even scratches or bended unintentionally)

Advantages of Public Silver:
  • The only one company provided physical silver bullion in Malaysia.
  • The only one company in the World guaranteed buy back.
  • Attached with Assayer certificate for silver bullion.

Advantages of Public Jewellery:
  • Cheaper price compare to Jewelry shop.
  • Guaranteed buy back.
  • No workmanship charges.
  • Hallmark "Bunga Raya" - Assurance of Quality and Purity.
  • Different size, but same weight. Base on multiple dinar weight specification. (can be money also).


Public Fine Gold International Sdn Bhd (818840-U)
12E Ground Floor, Jalan Rumbia,
11900 Bukit Jambul, Penang.

E 101° 42’ 34.6” N 3° 9’ 22.1”

Phone : 
04-644 9999



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